I would like to apologize to not only the four people who have read my blog, but also to myself for my lack of posts about Sunday’s Oscars. I am not going to sit here and give you a long post about something that is old news…but as a blogger who covers movies about half of the time, it is necessary for me to touch on it.

For the most part the Oscars were extremely predictable. Only one award came as a surprise to me and that was Kathryn Bigalow winning Best Director. She deserved it, but I thought that it was going to James Cameron for sure. I thought Jeff Bridges was well deserving and almost a lock for the award about three months before the ceremony. BTW…the man talks like The Dude in real life. Christoph Waltz deserved that award more than anyone and he was another actor that was a lock for the award.

The woman winners were not shocking either. Sandra Bullock played a very emotional role based on a real life woman who was aggressive in trying to make a difference (similar to Julia Roberts first Oscar winning performance in Erin Brokavich). Monique was also not a very surprising winner because that story required a lot of great heart felt performances in order for it to be successful..and news flash it was!

Lastly, the Hurt Locker won and although I loved Inglorious Basterds, I was not disappointed. The movie was awesome and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. After the film I felt drained from the roller coaster the movie puts you through.

Overall, it was an average year at the Oscars. Predictable, the hosts were not as funny as I thought, and my favorite actor still has not taken home the gold (Sorry Woody, but the Jew Hunter deserved it).


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