The Human Torch is Captain America?

Okay, I posted something a few weeks ago about my excitement for news about a movie that falls into one of my favorite genres of films…”The Superhero Movie.” As you know from some of my posts, I really like Superman movies, comics, and memorabilia. But I also happen to like comic book heroes in general.

Last month I heard the good news that Batman director Christopher Nolan is helping with the next Superman. But just about a month later I heard news about a superhero movie that I was originally excited about. The news was that for they had found the actor who will play the title character in the Captain America movie that will hit theaters July 22, 2011. Chris Evans will be Captain America.

If you do not know who Evans is and you did not click on the link that I provided…he was the actor who played the Human Torch in those god awful Fantastic Four movies. I have four points I would like to make on my feelings about this casting:

  1. He was already a Marvel superhero in a movie!!! That is just stupid! you already have Ryan Reynolds playing Green Lantern and Deadpool, but at least they are in different comic book universes!
  2. His previous roles are all comedic, and if he doesn’t change that, I will be angry. Nobody wants a sarcastic Captain America.
  3. People are saying that at least he looks the part. A guy in good shape with blond hair? That is like every actor.
  4. And lastly the only thing I am glad about is that they did not cast John Krasinski…I could not handle Jim from the office in the Red, White and Blue.

Well all I have to say is that I will still see this opening weekend and I hope that Chris Evans and the casting director prove me wrong.


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