Best in the World?

A few weeks ago I posted about a great up and coming fighter in mixed martial arts named Cain Valasquez. In all of his fights I have been impressed with his performances. That said, there are two other fighters who are considered to be the pound for pound best in the world whose performances have left bad tastes in fans mouths.

First i will comment on a more personal critique on last months George St. Pierre fight. The man personally bored me to death. i feel that he was just taking pleasure in winning every round thoroughly instead of finishing the fight. To be one of the best fighters you should be able to finish fights, especially against an opponent like Dan Hardy (who showed a lot of heart but physically had no business being in the ring). Champions finish fights and that is not something St. Pierre has done lately.

The next pound for pound great I will comment on received some intense feedback from the UFC’s president Dana White. White vowed to punish Anderson Silva for his disrespectful antics towards his opponent. White said that fans pay to much money to see the UFC and Silva’s actions were an embarrassment. If you didn’t here about this fight check out this article.

I think that fights like these are what give UFC haters ground to stand on. They say it is too much guys rolling on the ground which is what St. Pierre focused on doing in the Hardy fight. And haters also say that it is too much like professional wrestling and that is where Silva’s taunting and pathetic antics could be highlighted. I think that these two UFC pound for pound greats need to step their game up or they and the organization will begin to lose fans. Being a UFC fan costs too much money to have fights like this past weekend’s Silva vs. Maia main event.


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