Hi, my name is Ray Zawodni and I am the staff of “Whose News?”. I am a twenty year-old journalism student at West Virginia University. I hale from a town about ten minutes outside the city of Pittsburgh called Chalfant (aka The Dirty C). I have lived around Pittsburgh my whole life and am an avid Pittsburgh sports fan (excluding University of Pittsburgh teams). Sorry, but Morgantown has turned me into a Mountaineer! (Promise I will try my hardest not to be too biased towards these teams.)

This is the first blog I have created and I plan to make it a blog where you can speak your mind and maybe learn a few things. The focus will be on mostly pop culture (more specifically movies and television) and sports (more specifically football). I know that their are already thousands of blogs on the Internet about these things, but my central focus shall be a little more narrow. It will be mostly about the most important people in movies and football, the performers. Yes I plan to highlight player and actor performances and also just give a little random insight on anything else my little heart desires.

So this being my first blog… it might be a little imperfect, but people should really give it a chance. This will be a place that you can speak your mind and your voice will be heard (at least by me that is). I really hope that you stop by and read a few posts while you are trying to get through a boring class, you are taking a break from your work, or you are just tired of your e-mail, facebook, and espn being the only sites you look at. Here at “Whose News?” you may not find the most groundbreaking news and you may hate my opinions, but hopefully you will be able to have fun and tell me what you think about my first ever blog.


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