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The Oscar nominations come out tomorrow and to be honest I have not watched enough new movies as I have in past years this close to Oscar season. So over the next few weeks I will try to start getting out every once in a while to give you some reviews on the movies and more importantly the actors that are in them.

Speaking of acting I would like to touch on my favorite award given at the Oscars. Supporting actor is an awesome award because I feel that a lot of times these are my favorite characters in the movie. Think about how awesome the roles of the last few winners were. Heath Ledger as the Joker, Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh, and Alan Arkin as the Grandfather in Little Miss Sunshine… I feel that these guys are the heart and the character of the film.

Today I was thinking about the films I have seen in the past year and two names come to mind. One is hands down who I think deserves to take home the award and another is a Robert Downey Jr. Tropic Thunder-esque sleeper for a nomination.

First I believe that my favorite movie of the year to win produced this year’s Best Supporting Actor. Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa was the best performance of 2009. From the first scene of the movie he sets the tone with his interrogation of the French farmer. He plays a somewhat reserved classy man who at the same time has developed a reputation that earned him the nickname the “Jew Hunter”. I feel that Waltz was really able to capture the character that was in writer and director Quentin Tarantino’s mind.

To me he was the perfect character that many loved to hate or just thought was awesome. Don’t get me wrong the Nazi’s were not good people, but Col. Hans Landa is one of the best characters in a movie I have seen in the past decade. And he has a good chance because over the past two years it has paid to be the bad guy…

The next actor I would like to see get a nomination is a little out there, but people are beginning to suggest that the movie receive a nomination for Best Picture so why shouldn’t he. Yes, Zach Galifianakis should be nominated for best supporting actor. Galifianakis great comedic timing, his physical comedy, and his bizarre humor made The Hangover one of the best comedies of this generation. He played the part so perfectly and he made audiences laugh hysterically. I know the Oscars have a problem with giving comedians nominations, but this guy came out of the wood work and gave one hell of a performance. From his One Man Wolfe Pack speech at the beginning to his singing of “The Three Best Friends”, his performance was hilariously brilliant. I really hope that the Academy recognizes a comedic performance once again like they did last year with Robert Downey Jr.

Ray’s Hate of the Day: I hate and have always hated the zoo. I don’t want to be there, the animals don’t want to be there…It is about time we started closing these smelly freak shows down.


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