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Big Ben needs to lay low for a while

I have always been a fan of having an edgy quarterback both on and off the field. As a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I like the fact that Ben Roethlisberger is a cocky, helmet-less motorcycle driving, party animal. It shows that not only does he have character, but he has swagger too.

Last year Ben was accused of sexual assault, and he is still dealing with legal problems from the incident. Many of my friends (especially dirty Ravens fans) would say things like “well at least my quarterback is not a rapist.” But from the beginning I would stand up for my quarterback and defend his honor. Why would a millionaire superbowl winning star quarterback have to force himself on a female? He could have any girl he wants. I truly believed that the man was innocent.

My logic to defend my favorite football players good name could be crumbling in my face as the quarterback is once again under fire for sexual assault. A TMZ report says that the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has been accused of sexual assault by a young woman in Georgia. The incident occurred this morning at a club in Milledgeville, Georgia called Capital City. The sexual assault victim was taken to the hospital and Roethlisberger was already questioned by police. No formal charges have been filed.

Hopefully for the Steelers organization and the fans that Big Ben is not only found innocent, but that he also lays low for a while and stops getting into these stick situations.


If you haven’t done it yet, you need to!

Two nights ago I went to the movie theater to see the highly anticipated Shutter Island. This was one of the coolest flicks I watched in a very long time.

The movie offered everything that you could ever want in a film. It had action, drama and a little bit of horror. The eerie music played throughout the film really helped to set the mood. Martin Scorsese, I feel rarely directs a bad movie and Shutter Island was no different. Some of the scenes were so engaging that I would lose myself in the story. It had a very noir/Hitchcock influence. The film did not only make you jump at times, but it had the ability to bring a tear to your eyes.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in the movie was one of his best. Throughout the film he plays a U.S. Marshall from Boston in the 1950’s. He plays a man hardened from a life filled with war and tragedy. Leo truly took on the character and played the part perfectly. It could have been the best performance of his career, in my honest opinion.

The film has many twists and turns that always keep you on your feet. And the twists in this movie are not hollow and poorly executed like many other films that have attempted mystery/thrillers in the past few years. Shutter Island for me served its purpose. It was an awesome movie that left me feeling satisfied as I left the theater. I would say that the two highlights of the film were Leo’s performance and the imagery in the main character Teddy Edwards dream scenes.

This movie is definitely worth your time and money.


Cain was able

I know watching people get in the ring and fight is not everybody’s cup of tea. But the sport of mixed martial arts is one that I have followed since organizations like the UFC first began.

My cousin used to order all of the pay-per-views just for an excuse to throw a party. He would order any event that was on pay-per-view, whether it was Holyfield vs. Tyson boxing in the ring or it was Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock grappling in the octagon. At these parties it would turn into me and my brother Mike (Chad) being the only two with our eyes glued to the entire event, while drunken adults could care less. As two youngsters who watched Van Damme movies on a daily basis, it would be obvious that we would love to see this type of sport.

Since then I have always enjoyed watching the sport. Even now as it has grown into a more mainstream event, I still try to keep up on the sport.

Although I enjoy the sport, it is difficult to afford the pay-per-views that seem to come out once a month. So if I do get the chance to legally watch events live, it is by pitching in with friends or going to a bar.

This past Saturday a pretty good card was on UFC 110. The main event featured, the legend Antonio Nogueira and the sensational undefeated Cain Velasquez. Luckily for me I was able to catch this fight the next day and I was overly impressed with Cain’s performance.

Velasquez was able to do something that only one person has accomplished before him…he knocked out the legend. And he did it in a little over two minutes. Cain Velasquez improved to 8-0 professionally and Nogueira fell to 32-6-1.

Velasquez has yet to face anyone in the UFC to have given him a close fight and after defeating a high profile fighter like Nogueira, he will surely be in the running for a title shot.

My honest opinion is that by the end of this year he will be the UFC Heavyweight champion. The guy has never lost and out of three of his fights that I was able to watch the man looked truly unstoppable on the ground and his striking. He seems to only continue to get better.

If all things fall into place fans of the UFC could see a war between Velasquez and the monster that is Brock Lesnar before the year is over. I predict this match-up going the distance with Velasquez stealing a unanimous decision, but only time will tell.

With football season at its end, prepare to see more boxing/MMA posts.


Man of Steel

In my first ever post on Whose News, I gave readers an overview of what I would most likely be talking about. One of my topics of interest I listed was Superman. As many may know I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to superheroes.

As a small child my mother used to work the late shift at Shop N Save. She usually arrived home just after midnight, but instead of coming home to a comfy bed…she would come home to a four year old boy holding a VHS tape.

Almost every night that I was able to fight the urge to sleep I would greet my mom with a movie that 90% of the time was Superman: The Movie.

My mom never had the heart to tell me she was too tired to watch a movie so she had to sit through Christopher Reeve soaring through the air almost every night.

Even as I got older I would still watch this movie from time to time and still believe Christopher Reeves was actually the Man of Steel. He was so perfect that people like Dean Cain, George Reeves, and Brandon Routh looked like men just playing dress up.

His performance in those movies was unreal and the character of Superman has always been my favorite (I still have posters on my wall and I own a Superman shirt). But in 2006 they came out with Superman Returns, which was very exciting.

I own the movie and enjoy it because it is Superman, but deep down I know that the movie was average at best. It had really no depth to it. And Brandon Routh as Superman?…I mean he did a good job but he looked much to young to play the part, ans he didn’t make audiences believe he was the last son of Krypton like his predecessor, Christopher Reeve did.

News came that Bryan Singer would not do another Superman movie and that DC Entertainment was kind of halting on producing more Superman movies.

But just last week the Superman franchise gave fans of the character hope. News surfaced that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight director and writer Christopher Nolan would personally be mentoring the next Superman project.

The guy showed just how great a Batman movie could be, and hopefully that will transfer over into a quality Superman flick for this generation of Superman fans. I am very excited that in the next few years I could see a Superman film as good as the Christopher Reeve films I watched as a kid.


3D Hollywood

With the academy awards coming up in less than a month, the talk about everyones favorite movie, Avatar continues. If you have read any of my movie posts on blogging you will know my feelings on Avatar. I thought it was a great movie. One of the coolest movie theater experiences I have ever had. But from a creativity, strong plot, and substance standpoint it was not the best picture of the year.

I would like to  stray from getting more involved with my feelings about Avatar. What I want to discuss today is how the action movie/sci-fi movie is being revolutionized by the success that Avatar has had with their 3-D movie theater experience.

Another movie that has been set to film in 3D is the next Spiderman film which will begin filming within the year. The film being 3D will not be the only thing different about this installment of Spiderman…the cast will be different as well. The Sony pictures’ reboot of the Spiderman series will hit theaters in 2012. For more information on this film visit this link.

Obviously I will try to see this movie when it comes out opening weekend, but I am not happy about it. I really liked Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I know the third one was pathetic, but to make a reboot of a trilogy less than five years after Spider-man three is silly and shows just how un-creative Hollywood can be.

But seeing Spidey in 3D will be really cool, even if the movie is terrible. But the trend of these 3D movies has hit the action world and also the cartoon world and its success is evident. So movie goers can expect to see some pretty cool things in theaters in the next few years. I just can’t wait until they remake Failure to Launch in I-Max 3D.


Pizza and The Who

Every year I sincerely do attempt to watch the Super bowl half time show. I really liked The Boss’ performance last year and the year before Tom Petty put on an amazing show but this year The Who rocked the half time show. But did they do a good job?

I have no clue! Yes I left the house I was out on a journey for the food that we had ordered an hour before. We left with just a little bit of time left in the second quarter. Usually the walk is about five minutes their and five minutes back at the most.

We figured well the worst that would happen is that we would miss The Who because honestly…Who really cares about the Who? But still we did not think we would miss the Who. Well we did!

Yes the frequently traveled roads from the apartment on Stewart Lane to the pizza shop was covered in snow and ice. Now I don’t want to say that people were not doing their jobs in Morgantown, but the roads were barely touched by salt or toe trucks. When we got to the pizza shop in more than double the time it usually takes us, we found that their delivery driver got into an accident. (random side note to once again highlight how awful the roads were)

In the end besides a few near slips we made it back to the house to hear about one minute of the Who’s performance. But it was hard for me to even pay attention to them while I was struggling to get warm and stuff my face with over priced pizza.

I told you that the mission statement of this blog is to look at performances of athletes and actors and maybe a musician from time to time. So because I barely watched the Who, and because we are all tired of hearing about Peyton and Drew’s performances on the field (even though Drew was phenomenal, and I think that his performance was up there with some of the greats in the history of the Super bowl), I will access the performance of Mountaineer Pizza in Morgantown.

In the past I have had okay pies there, but honestly if you want decent pizza at a DECENT price, do not go to Mountaineer Pizza;. Over thirty dollars for two large (they should have been ashamed to call it a large) specialty pizzas. The pizzas were tiny, barely cut, and the toppings were scarce. That was probably my last time ordering from that pizza shop.

Ray’s Hate of the Day: Mountaineer Pizza’s sizes…did I think their large was too small for the price, but their sizes were small, large and extra large…no medium. Well they have a medium it is called a large! It is all a marketing ploy to make people feel like they got a deal by renaming large as extra large.


Blog-a-Day Week Recap

After seven grueling days of blogging once a day (with the exception of Saturday because I am a slacker), I have finished my blog-a-day week challenge.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the experience and was surprised that I actually had something new to talk about each day. Although most of the days I strayed from my main focus, I feel that some of my best posts came from this week. I posted a variety this past week and I like how it turned out and I will continue to give readers a good bit of posts every week (not everyday I mean I do have a little bit of a social life).

Ray’s Hate of the Day: After watching last night’s amazing Super bowl where my favorite player Drew Brees was named MVP I noticed one of the most annoying things about football games especially the Super bowl.

I just hate when the commentators mention some of the most absurd, ridiculous stats imaginable. Like honestly, why do I need to know that this guy is the only white, left footed kicker under the age of thirty, with diabetes to ever make two 38 yard field goals in one game in the third quarter in the month of January since 2000. I mean that is exaggerating, but really some of the stats are a little too much to handle. I would love to meet one of the people who has to research these statistics. On second thought maybe not…

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